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The Crazy Hunt X Casino Game - Unusual Entertainment for You

Welcome to the world of arcade gaming! If you are tired of slot spinning and want something radically different, it’s time to launch the Crazy Hunt X game designed by SmartSoft Gaming. It features a 7x10 grid and offers medium volatility. All of the points sum up the charm of this title and provide a diverse gaming experience for any player. Although it is not a slot machine, it can be referred to as fruit-themed, judging by its symbols.

The interesting thing about this title is that it combines elements of an arcade and an instant game. Its innovative gaming mechanics make it a truly entertaining online casino pastime that continuously stirs curiosity even among the pickiest gamblers. Before you start your Slotoro gambling session, let’s take a look at the following information:




SmartSoft Gaming

Ways to Win

Up to 50 symbols out of 70 get multipliers

Betting Limits


Return to Player

95,96- 96,00%



Interface & Paying Symbols of the Crazy Hunt X Game

The Crazy Hunt X casino game is far from slot mechanics; it doesn’t offer any free spins or bonus rounds. The visual interface resembles a good old game in the style of Pixel Art. This is not a frequent feature for the titles provided in the lobbies of iGaming platforms nowadays. Your attention must be turned to the vibrant icons that constantly change their order in the grid.

Overall, there are ten different symbols available. Each one appears up to 7 times on the screen, which creates a total number of 70 symbols you can bid on. Every one of these icons has its unique mathematical method of appearing on the grid and gifting stake multipliers when due. 

Get ready to see the following symbols in every round:

  • Stars;
  • Lightnings;
  • Sprinkled cakes;
  • Oranges;
  • Apples;
  • Cherries;
  • Hearts.

Although the overall concept behind the game does not include a variety of additional bonuses, unique mechanics at the core of the title will definitely engage you with its seamless simplicity and genuine complexity. This arcade is centered around multipliers instead of your skill level. In other words, only luck can boost your winning potential. Once you’ve selected your symbols, you only need to believe that multipliers will be assigned to them since there’s no way to influence the round outcome.

Gameplay of Crazy Hunt X at the Slotoro Casino

As mentioned earlier, the Crazy Hunt X casino game is a mix of an online casino title and arcade. The rounds are the same for all players, meaning that you get to participate in the live action. Each round begins after the 7 seconds placing bets countdown. Once the countdown ends, each symbol will be randomly replaced with 2x multipliers or empty spots to indicate the winning and losing bets respectively.

To play the title, select your betting chip nominals that range from 0,1 to 200 and wager on the desired symbols by clicking on them. Despite the availability of 70 symbols, the number of icons that can be chosen and wagered on in each round is capped at 50. After you have placed your bet, a 7-second countdown will end, and on the spot of each symbol, you will see either a 2x multiplier or a blank. If luck is on your side, your placed bet icon will have the coveted x2 multiplier. This indicates that your bet amount will be multiplied by 2. Note that the bets you won are indicated in green, and the lost ones have a red background.

Slotoro understands that before beginning wagering with real money on a new casino title, it would be wise to test it for free first. That is why we offer you an opportunity to access the Crazy Hunt X demo before you begin to place real bets. Thanks to the free version available on our page, you can load it whenever you like and play without depositing real cash.

Also, remember that your gameplay is not limited in any way: you can play for free or for real money, place bets on a desktop computer or laptop, and access the game from your phone while waiting in the queue or from your friend’s tablet while visiting them. Feel free to choose any device you possess because the title is optimized for any operational system and any screen size.

Start the Crazy Hunt X Game Adventure at the Slotoro Casino!

This game is a breath of fresh air for players bored of repeating the standard and classic gameplay of slot machines. SmartSoft Gaming, which developed the title, knows how to skillfully combine basic instant game mechanics with the evergreen arcade nature. Try it yourself, and you will surely enjoy every time you spend playing it!

If you liked the Crazy Hunt X demo experience offered by the title, try other products from the SmartSoft Gaming collection, like Aztec, Babylon, Book of Win, Burning Ice, Cappadocia, Cowboy, etc. Note that some of the slots can even be featured in casino tournaments, which is a great option to diversify your entertainment. Moreover, you can play them with your bonus package - a welcome gift presented by us in the size of $1500 and 200 free spins. Do not lie about not being interested in our offer! It is not only rewarding but also easy to claim: register at the Slotoro Casino, make deposits, and enjoy huge wins!


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