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Wheel of Fortune at Slotoro Casino

Wheel of Fortune is the simplest yet one of the most intriguing casino games that you can play in our casino. It involves a giant wheel that one can spin at a cost and reveal the outcome. The concept behind it originates from the popular TV show Wheel of Fortune, which remains the longest-running syndicated game show in the US with over forty seasons and seven thousand episodes. It is one of the greatest TV shows to date, and that is why casino developers have adopted it in various forms in the industry.

Merv Griffin is the genius behind the creation of this popular TV show. It was first aired in 1975 and quickly became an intriguing world puzzle game with several fans across the continents. The players are expected to solve different world puzzles for a chance to win amazing prizes determined by a spin. The show gained popularity with its hosts remaining iconic superstars to date. They include Pat Sajak, Vanna White, Chuck Woolery, Susan Stafford, Bob Goen, and others. Nevertheless, Pat Sajak and Vanna White remain the recognizable icons behind it.

The game swiftly transitioned to the gambling industry in the 1990s. It came in the form of themed slots and independent games. IGT was the pioneer that introduced this brand to the world of gambling through a slot machine with this theme. Currently, there are several exciting versions to choose from. At Slotoro, our version of the Wheel of Fortune casino game is fun and captivating. Try it today if you are searching for a unique gaming experience with outstanding prizes up for grabs.

Spin the Slotoro Wheel of Fortune & Win!

At Slotoro Casino, you can play this thriller for a chance to be part of the fun. To play, you must first accept the terms, complete the registration process, and deposit money. We value convenience, so if you haven’t signed up yet, you can navigate to the game, click on it, and the registration tab will open. Once you finish the process, you can proceed to log in, find it, and gamble. Additionally, you can play at Slotoro through your desktop, mobile app, or tablet. Hence, the fun will always be within your reach whenever you are. 

The WheelOfFortune online game has a simple gameplay. The minimum amount you can bet per spin is $5. You can use the bet multiplier amount to increase the wager per spin and the overall winnings. The bet multipliers are ×1, ×2, ×5, ×10, ×50, and ×100. Thus, the possible bets range from $5 to $500. Once you have settled on the bet size, press the purple spin button in the middle to start the round. The wheel will go around, and the arrow will land on one of the eight sections to determine your prize.

The maximum payout at the maximum bet multiplier amount is $1500. There are many available prizes that all depend on the bet multiplier. Let us take a look at what you stand to gain when you play the Wheel of Fortune online at Slotoro Casino.

Cash Prizes

Three out of the eight sections award cash prizes. The cash prizes at the lowest bet multiplier are $4, $7, and $15. They rise to $8, $15, and $30 before proceeding to $20, $37, and $75. Things begin to get more exciting at the bet multiplier of 10 when the prizes rise to $40, $75, and $150. It moves to $200, $375, and 750 before finally climaxing at $400, $750, and $1500, the top prize. 

Win Multipliers

The win multiplier is ×2 per hour. There is one sector that awards the multiplier when you land on it.


One of the sectors gives a respin. It will allow you to take another spin at the same bet level without incurring more costs.


Finally, there are points, which are in-game currencies that you can use for various things. Two sectors award 100 and 200 points respectively. They rise with an increase in bet multiplier up to the max of 10000 and 20000 points. Unfortunately, there is one sector labeled Empty that awards nothing.

FAQ About the Slotoro Wheel of Fortune Game

Can I Play the Wheel of Fortune Casino Game for Free?

No. You must sign up and deposit money to play. It is unavailable for free, unlike other games.

What Makes the Wheel of Fortune Casino Game Popular Among Players?

It is popular because of its big potential prizes and the amazing theme inspired by one of the most successful TV shows.

How Much Can I Win at Slotoro Casino’s Wheel of Fortune Casino Game?

The highest cash prize is $1500 when playing at the highest bet multiplier.

Wheel of Fortune
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